Fitness and SPA



There are several modern gym apparatuses in our fitness room where each day You may do physical exercises from 06:00 to 23:00. There is a punching bag and dummy for box amateurs and yoga mat for those who wish to relax in the fitness room.
In Lotte Palace you can swim in a pool filled with crystal pure water. There is a Turkish bath and sauna operating for you in our complex. There is also a circular shower in shower cubicles. you shall go to lounge for full-fledged relaxing, that will immerse you into national color with modern decorum and cozy fireplace. Here you may sing karaoke, because in our complex has everything to diversify your leisure time.


Other services of Lotte Palace involve:
• Fitness room
• Sauna
• Turkish bath
• Circular shower
• Lounge / Relax room
• Fireplace
• Karaoke